Venus Elegance Ring in Alexandrite


Dreamy, feminine Venus vibes, our Venus Elegance Ring features a stunning 1.5CT Alexandrite gemstone. Perfect as a modern promise ring, engagement ring, or to wear as a reminder to always try to find the beauty in every moment in life, and transmute negative energy to positive.

Oval Cut - 6x8mm stone
Center Stone Weight: 1.5 CT
Metal: .925 Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Plating/ White Rhodium/ or Gold Plating
100% Authentic Alexandrite - Lab Grown, GRC Certified

About Alexandrite:

Orgin: Russia, Sri Lanka, Brazil
Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, & Crown
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Planetary Correspondence: Mercury
Mohs Scale: 8

Alexandrite has an optical property called pleochroism which means that it appears to change color when viewed at different angles. Under incandescent lighting it will appear purplish-red, but in daylight it will appear bluish-green

Metaphysical Properties:

  • helps you develop your own source of joywithin yourself
  • facilitates an awareness of the beauty of every moment, and your powerto choose and make the most of your life.
  • provides hope by means of awareness of the possibilities that are always available to you, no matter your circumstances.
  • reinforces and realigns the mind, emotion and spirit within you.
  • opens intuition and metaphysical abilities by providing wisdom and clarity
  • creates a strong will and personal magnetism instilling self-confidence
  • a symbol of royal power and acts as an efficient guardian stone.
  • a useful spiritual purifier and renewal stone by allowing you to connect with the frequencies of Divine Knowledge and Divine Love.
  • ​inspires your imagination encourages you to listen to your feelings and attunes your inner voice

As a stone of Mercury, it embodies the healing energy of the messenger god Mercury, as well as the hope, growth, peace, and prosperity associated with its daytime color, green. Specifically, it is believed to balance the mind, bring clarity, enhance intuition, and promote success.

When appearing red, the gemstone promotes love, sensuality, and passion. In this state, it promotes creativity, action, and self-expression. Its dual powers attract those who practice magic and those who meditate with crystals.

Finally, in its red color alexandrite represents love, passion, and sensuality. Paired with its powers to provide clarity and balance to the mind, some believe it can soothe doubts about love and marriage. It may also inspire compassion, joy, and harmony.