Lapis Solstice Necklace

A talisman to align you with your highest truth;
to give you wisdom on your journey.

One of the most symbolic pieces available at Lunar Lapis, we owe much of our namesake to this precious stone, Lapis Lazuli. Our mission is to make women feel empowered through intention and Lapis Lazuli is notorious for just that, empowerment. 

With such an extensive ancient history, it's no wonder this stone has such great power. Besides being a symbol of royalty and power, it's perhaps even better known for being a stone of truth. It carries the energy of wisdom & aligns you with your highest self.

The solstice symbolism of the pendant is derived from the Latin word sōlstitium, meaning "the standing still of the sun." The summer solstice representing fire & vitality, yet the winter solstice representing regeneration & rebirth.

Which brings us to the final symbolic touch, The reverse side of the pendant is a scarab which in ancient Egypt was worn as a talisman symbolizing regeneration, transformation, and renewal.

  • Gold Vermeil & Lapis
  • 22", adjuster ring at 20"


Designed By: Sierra Winter Jewelry



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