What is Jewelry with Intention?

The simple, routine task of putting jewelry on can be very empowering for women when done with an intention in mind.

For example, if a woman is seeking to attract more love in her life, or simply be reminded to give love to others (or even herself) - she may decide to put on a rose quartz ring to help her embody this intention. Gemstones, especially when worn with intention, can be very powerful healing and manifestation tools.To go a step further, she may even recite an affirmation while putting on her ring. Such as, "Everywhere I go, I am accompanied by love."

You may skeptical of making an intention, or reciting an affirmation if you have never done so before.There is a very powerful statement Tony Robbins says,

"Energy Flows Where Attention Goes"

And where attention goes, energy flows and manifestation occurs. Manifestation is simply bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief by your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions. This statement is both true in positive and negative aspects. We personally like to always try to adapt an abundance mindset by choosing gratitude and appreciation over criticism and negativity. Focusing on the positives of life, helps you see your reality from a different point of perspective.

We believe that creating an unique, personal affirmation when putting on your jewelry can create powerful change in your actual reality. In this example, simply allowing her mind to focus on the idea of love and how she wants it to manifest in her life creates the attention. She takes it a step further by saying it outloud, reaffirming the attention on the love she seeks. She holds the rings in her non-dominant hand to receive this energy and makes a point to feel the emotion of the love. She puts her rose quartz ring on and starts her day. The intention, focus, and thoughts she has focused on love, will soon begin to manifest in her reality. This ability to manifest and create our reality is the Universe's greatest blessings to us. 

We encourage our customers to try any of these practices, all of them, or simply what feels right to them. You may choose not to do any of these practices and simply just have a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear. We package each order with our love, and good energy, and hopes that in receiving and wearing our jewelry, it will empower you and bring joy in your life.


Our Mission

Inspired by the Moon, the Divine Feminine, and the powerful energies of crystals & gemstones, Lunar Lapis was founded to empower women through intention.

Each of our designs, have a story and purpose behind them. Wearing jewelry with intention can help benefit women in need of inspiration, healing, and empowerment.